Time Topic Speaker Presentation
8:30 Registration and Coffee
9:15 Welcome DKNOG Crew
9:30 The Aha’s of everyday troubleshooting - Junos stateless firewall filtering Ralf Schultz PDF - PPTx
9:50 The State of the (Danish) Internet - Interpreting RIPE NCC Data and Measurements Mirjam Kuehne, Marco Hogewoning (RIPE NCC) PDF
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 Gold Sponsor Teaser Citrix PPTX
10:45 Lessons learned on deploying a global anycast network Ruairi Carroll  PDF - GDocs
11:30 Building Conference Networks from Scratch Marcus Stoegbauer ( PDF
12:00 Lunch
13:00 The Peering Scene in the Nordics Lasse Jarlskov (TDC) PDF
13:35 Local IXP update: DIX PDF
13:42 Local IXP update: COMIX PDF
13:50 Social Event Sponsor Teaser Netnod PDF
14:00 Coffee Break
14:25 Network Automation Do’s and Don’ts Job Snijders (NTT) PDF
14:55 Gold Sponsor Teaser SEC DataCom
15:00 Coffee Break & Cake
15:30 DDoS mitigation using BGP Flowspec Mikkel Troest (Conscia) PPTX
16:15 Coffee Break
16:45 DDoS Attacking, breaking the firewall infrastructure Henrik Kramshøj (Zencurity) PDF - GitHub NWWCamp
17:30 Closing notes DKNOG crew
17:40 Transport to social event
18:00 Social event at Nose2Tail

Info on talks

The Aha’s of everyday troubleshooting - Junos stateless firewall filtering

Troubleshooting a NTP amplification attack involving one of our MX routers, lead to some interesting findings in the filters protecting them from the Internet.

Bio, Ralf Schultz “Ralf Schultz has been working with networking for quite some time, currently in Solido Hosting, with a past in both in the financial sector and the ISP world.

Lessons learned on deploying a global anycast network - by Ruairi Carroll

With the rise of short-lived HTTP sockets everywhere, we are seeing a large uptick of Anycast being deployed by both private and public CDNs. After being in this space for some time, and after doing a green-fields Anycast deployment across the globe, there are some interesting lessons to be learned, and some considerations that I’d like to rant about^W^Wshare with you all

Bio, Ruairi Carroll

Who am I? My name is Ruairi Carroll. I’ve worked in networking since the day I turned 16. I have gotten experience in global anycast networks from working in Edgecast, then moving to Automattic, and designing, building, deploying, supporting and handling peering for a private CDN which, as of last year, was moving 100Gbit/sec at peak. I’ve also been guilty of working for Spotify, Cisco, Amazon and some other less interesting companie

DDoS mitigation using BGP Flowspec

DDoS attacks come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Many technologies and techniques have evolved to deal with DDoS, but one size never fits all. This session will focus on one of these technologies - BGP Flowspec: what it is, what it is not, what it can do, and what it cannot do.

Bio, Mikkel Troest

Mikkel is a network engineer who has spent the last dozen years or so as a consultant. Mikkel does not know everything about anything (or, indeed, anything about everything), but that usually doesn’t stop him from discussing or debating the topic at hand.